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Captive Horizon Saddlebreds

On Call - At Your Service

Here at Captive Horizon Saddlebreds we are dedicated to providing a wide range of quality services and a wealth of information on breeding and pedigree research for the American Saddlebred, to help you achieve your breeding dreams with this wonderful breed.

For anyone that already has their first broodmare (or herd), or if you're just beginning your journey to find the perfect breeding stock or cross for your own quality program, give us a call! 


We're here to help and support you as you turn your passion into success!

Stallion Services - All Breed


Stallion Care & Promotion


  • Board & Management

  • Phantom Training

  • Stallion Collection

  • Semen Shipping

Broodmare Services - All Breed


Broodmare & Foal Care

  • Breeding & Management

  • Natural, AI, & ET

  • Foaling - 24hr Monitoring

  • Leases & Embryos

Purchasing & Sales - Saddlebreds

19W_2517 (2).jpg

Breeding Stock & Prospects

We specialize in finding and selecting breeding stock

and prospects for your next investment adventure! 
Let our large network work for you!

Mare Leases & Embryos - Saddlebreds


Broodmares & Embryos


Top quality mares available for lease or embryo recovery. 

Choose your favorite mares and breed toour stallions or your own. 

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