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$20,001  &  Over  =  A

$7,501 - $10,000  =  C

$2,001  -  $5,000  =  E

B  =  $10,001 - $20,000

D  =  $5,001   -   $7,500

F  =  $2,000   &   Under

Prices subject to change. Please contact for the latest updates.

CHC CASHIN UR SUCCESS - Jr Fine Harness Stud

DOB: 04/27/16     Sex: Stallion    Price: A    Engagements: 


2019 Owingville Lion Club Fine Harness Champion - Debut Performance

2019 KASPHA Fall Fine Harness Champion

2020 Mercer Co Fair Res Jr. Fine Harness Champion

2020 Shelby Co Summer Classic Res SS Park Champion

Solid young stallion that has one helluva harness lick on him! Plenty of motion and an outstanding work ethic make "Cash" a very pleasant horse to work. He could continue in harness, or take him under saddle in 5-Gaited or Park. He is suitable to cut and finish out for an amateur or junior exhibitor. Stallion or gelding, he has the breeding to back him up.

Heirogance & Attitude (Ch)

CHC So Posh (Ch)

CH Buck Rogers (WGC)

CH Astra Music (BHF)

Supreme Heir (WC)

CH Passion (RWC)

CH Great Day's Came The Son (WCC)

Watch My Success (WC)

Storm's Fury

CH Rhythm's Jewel (WC)

Chubasco (Ch)

CH Magic Note (WC)

CHC Passion & Success (Ch)

Las Vegas Showgirl


DOB: 05/17/19     Sex: Filly     Price: E     Engagements: Sweepstakes


This intelligent filly has a ton of presence and sets up pretty.

She's inside starting in lines. Great pedigree and a bright future.

She's a good one.

Undulata's Nutcracker

CH She's My Desire BH (WCC)

CHC Passion & Success (Ch)

CHC Corporately Divine

CH Caramac (WC)

Christmas In New York (BHF)

CH Harlem Town (WCC)

CH It's A Beautiful Day (WCC, BHF)

Heirogance & Attitude (Ch)

CHC So Posh (Ch)

Corporate Executive (Ch)

Haverhill Liberty Belle

Rose Arbor Destiny (WC)

CHC Divine Passion (Ch)


DOB: 03/21/20     Sex: Colt     Price: E     Engagements: IA Ltd, KY, TN


Flashy red colt with tons of chrome and bred to perform. If you like to rack, this one's for you!

He's stretchy, expressive, and wants to be a show colt!


Lots of prize money up for grabs at the IA Ltd St in September.

Heirogance & Attitude (Ch)

CHC So Posh (Ch)

I'm First (WC)

Fortune (WC)

Supreme Heir (WC)

CH Passion (RWC))

CH Great Day's Came The Son (WCC)

Watch My Success (WC)

CF First Night Out (RWC)

That Special Face (WC)

CH Foxfire's Prophet (WGC)

CH In Reality (WCC)

CHC Passion & Success (Ch)

Heidi Klum (Ch)

PENDING... - Prospect

DOB: 03/30/20     Sex: Colt     Price: E     Engagements: KY, TN, IA


Big, long legged, powerful colt, bred to the nines and nominated to your choice of futurity!


Pictured at 4 days old.

Heirogance & Attitude (Ch)

CHC So Posh (Ch)

Northern Blues

Caraway (WC, BHF)

Supreme Heir (WC)

CH Passion (RWC)

CH Great Day's Came The Son (WCC)

Watch My Success (WC)

Callaway's Blue Norther (WC)

Yorkshire Puding (WC, BHF)

CH Caramac (WCC)

Nancy O'Lee

CHC Passion & Success (Ch)

One More To Love