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Where we came from...


Established May of 2005 among the foothills of the Mt. Hood National Forest in Oregon, Captive Horizon Saddlebreds enjoyed 13 years breeding and competing in the NW. September of 2018 the Captive Horizon Saddlebreds family of horses and friends undertook the cross-country journey to Kentucky, to set down new roots and expand the opportunities for these wonderful individuals. It has been an incredible experience, full of new adventures, great friends near and far, and above all... outstanding Saddlebreds. We hope you'll join the family, too!

Who we are...


Captive Horizon Saddlebreds is now located among the beautiful rolling Kentucky hills, just north of Danville. The beautiful 14 stall oak barn and 50 acre farm were built and developed by long-time outstanding horse trainer, Brian Chappell, and we look forward to continuing its legacy of producing top quality Saddlebred athletes.

We choose our stock for their quality of pedigree, performance, conformation, and temperament.

Our roots as a small, amateur friendly farm have allowed us to spend the time with each individual to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses thoroughly, creating a very balanced and goal-oriented breeding program with captivating horses and diverse athletes well suited for the amateur and juvenile markets.

What we stand for...


We strive to produce world-class Saddlebreds with superb work ethic, that will please trainers and amateurs alike. These foals are raised to safeguard future soundness of body and mind, growing up in the pasture to build strong bones, muscles, and confidence. We believe young horses that start fresh and think highly of themselves grow into bright, well-rounded and intelligent horses, ready and willing to take on their new lives away from the farm. They are encouraged toward their natural abilities and preferences - happy youngsters moving at their own pace.

With good thinking and talented individuals, there is a place for everyone. Whether you are searching for a new and exciting prospect to start and train your way, or would like to create and expand your own breeding program, we would love to assist you in turning your passion into success!

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