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Captive Horizon Saddlebreds provides a wide range of quality services and a wealth of information on breeding and pedigree research for the American Saddlebred. We welcome your inquiries and would love to help you achieve your breeding dreams with this wonderful breed. We are here to help and support those that already have their first broodmare (or herd), as well as those just starting out and wanting to find the perfect breeding stock to start their own quality program. We take pride in our farm's horses and outstanding customers. We greatly value our human and equine customers opinions and input, and strive to meet and exceed their needs and expectations. Below are some of the many services we offer for the broodmare owner and breeder.


All Breed Boarding, Care, & Management
Stallions, Mares, and Prospects

Purchasing & Sales Agent
Specializing in Breeding Stock & Prospects

Equine Reproduction
Natural, AI, ET, & Problem Mares

24 Hour Monitoring for Foaling Mares

Stallion Handling & Promotion
Collection & Phantom Training

Stallion Recommendation/Selection
Pedigree Analysis

Embryos Available For Sale

Broodmares Available For Lease

All Breed Rehabilitation

Broodmare Investment Shares Available


Captive Horizon Saddlebreds offers riding lessons for ages 8yrs and up, from all backgrounds and experience levels. We work closely, with each rider, to set goals and make their riding dreams come true. From the recreational rider, to the competitive, there's a little something for everyone. Including trails, camping trips, and much more. Our youth equestrian team is a great experience for the motivated youth rider, interested in a fun, competitive riding career. We emphasize safety, fun, teamwork, and good horsemanship. Clear communication, with your equine partner, is key to a happy equine experience. We can help with troubleshooting for new, or recurring riding obstacles and problems.

Horses can be provided, or bring your own. We offer lessons in two convenient locations in Clackamas County, and can also travel to your barn, or public facility, for mobile lessons. Please visit our listing, for further details and pricing at, Captive Horizon Stables.


"[Crystal's] ability to access and organize complicated pedigree information is unsurpassed and frankly, quite amazing... I have had two horses boarded with Captive Horizon Saddlebreds and each have blossomed under her care... The services offered are way beyond standard equine business operations... She provides detailed reports about feeding programs, health care updates, routine vaccinations, shoeing, dental, mental health reports (yes, even the psychological status of one's horse) and other services that off site owners will greatly appreciate."

"I just got the best horse I have ever owned, via Captive Horizon Saddlebreds. She is so sweet, I didn't realize horses came that gentle! I had been mourning the passing of my favorite horse, last year, but I do believe God sent me this horse as a cure. We needed each other! I'm SO happy!!"

"I trust and value Crystal's opinions and gladly seek her advice. Thank you so very much for sharing your knowledge and insight....wish I had a little Crystal (encyclopedia) book to carry with me wherever I go."

"A big Thanks to Crystal on the great care that she gave my little guy Ultimate. She did not have to do all the handling of him that she did as I had leased his dam to get him. Thanks for all the hard work! Good luck with Shawn at the show!!!! Love working with people that treat your horses like there own."

"It's so relaxing and peaceful here. I love it!"

"I really like the vibe at Captive Horizon Saddlebreds."

"Feels like 'home'."

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